Saturday, April 18, 2015

April 2015 IPSY Glam Bag

Time for a monthly IPSY glam bag review!!
What is the glam bag, you ask? Allow me to enlighten you:
IPSY glam bag is a monthly subscription service, that provides the member with a cute bag filled with deluxe and full-size beauty samples. The glam bag samples are tailored to each member based off of a quiz that take when you first join. If your style preferences change, you can re-take the quiz at any time! The bag is $10/month. Members can share their glam bag with other members, swap tips and tricks, and you can buy full size products at discounted prices. It's fantastic.

April's Theme: Beautifully Bohemian

First of all, I love the colorful and cute bag that came this month. And as usual, it was full of great things!!

1. Redken Wind Blown 05: This hair spray works pretty good! Most hairsprays seem to just make my hair hard and doesn't hold the shape but this one worked pretty well. Retail Value: $5

2. Blush by Hikari Cosmetics in Tango: I haven't used this yet but I am always happy to try a new blush. Retail Value: $15

3. Mini Lip and Cheek Tint by Mullein and Sparrow: This little tin is amazing. It smells and tastes like fresh oranges and makes your lips feel soft and smooth. I haven't tried it as a blush yet, but I am sure smelling like oranges won't be bad!! Retail Value: $10

4. JulieG Nail Color: Super cute color and it goes on smooth. Retail Value: $3.99

5. NUDE Dude Eyeshadow Single in Flirty which is a shimmering violet with gold tint. Very cute. Retail Value: $8

As always, for $10 I felt this bag was totally worth it. Who doesn't love receiving great products at a low price? Another great perk of being an Ipsy member - discounts on the products you love and want to buy more of!! Try it out! 
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Monday, April 6, 2015

March PopSugar Must Have Box

I am a little bit late posting this. As you saw from our previous entry, I was busy with a sick ferret, which actually took up quite a bit of time (on top of all the other things that keep us busy). I recently resubscribed to Pop Sugar because I liked the items I had received in previous boxes. Money is starting to get tight again though, so I might have to cancel again. We will see. Anyways, here is what I received in my March box.

March's theme had a travel feel, no doubt because it was time for many people to take off on Spring Break. My only sadness here is that I received the box after I went on spring break!!

1. Bliss Micromagic Microdermabrasion Treatment - Retail $48

2. Lemon and Cucumber Reed Diffuser Kit - Smells ah-mazing! It makes my house smell fresh and clean. Retail $20

3. Pink Pina Zip Pouch - Super cute, I am excited to put all my beach gear in it this summer!! Retail $40

4. What to Pack Pad - I make a list for packing each time I go on a trip so I am pretty excited to have a pre-made list to make packing easier!! Retail $7

5. Wet brush - I haven't tried this yet, but my hair is long and gets tangled easily. It is nice and small so can easily be packed away for a day at the beach. Retail $4.99

6. Halfpopped Popcorn - Chiptole BBQ - Honestly...these were gross. Kind of tasted like a bad version of corn nuts but BBQ flavored - yuck. Retail $1.69

7. Roller Lash Mascara and POREfessional primer - LOVE both. I highly recommend. These were bonus items and thus were travel size, which fits perfectly in my new beach pouch.

Retail Value of the Must Have Box: $121.68

Price of the Must Have Box: $40 (I paid $20 since I had a coupon code)

To learn more about Pop Sugar Must Have boxes, click here.

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Tribute to Prince

We lost one of our fur babies yesterday. Our ferret, Prince, passed away peacefully in Bob's arms. He was 5 years old, which is pretty old for a ferret. A couple of weeks ago, we picked him up and found that he was very thin and wasn't his normal spunky self. I took him to the vet and was told he had insulinoma, which is a tumor on the pancreas which causes low blood sugar due to having too much insulin. I took him home and had to give him prednisone every 4 hours, administer subcutaneous fluids (fluids under the skin), and syringe feed him every 4 hours. After a couple of days, he was acting normal again. 

This lasted about a week. He stopped eating and wasn't acting normal again despite the medications. Thursday morning I noticed he was urinating on himself. I tried to give him syrup to bring his blood sugar back up, but it didn't help. He then began having bloody stools with clots. At this point, we knew Prince didn't have much longer with us.

He was a sweet little guy and I am sad he was only with us for a few years. I feel bad for Miggy as they were inseparable. It is often said that when one ferret dies, the other will become so depressed that it will die also. My poor boys.

Prince (white ferret) playing with his brother, Miggy 

Me, with Prince and Miggy, the first day we had them home

Bob with Prince and Miggy

Prince with his ball; this was only Prince's ball, no one else could touch it!

Abbey playing with Prince
RIP My little Prince...
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